Why Learn English Today ?

Our world has a new face where English is no longer optional but compulsory for both companies and individuals.

Because companies today expect bottom line results,there’s a critical need for Business English proficiency in a globalizing society and because the world is more connected, everyone needs English to connect with others more easily.

By choosing English Premium and Global, you will solve the challenges you’re facing in corporate, accademic or everyday English as we are on the look-out for high performing,interesting people who think globally through stimulating classes.

Each class is tailored to the students’ needs and interests and we offer a full range of programs from beginner to more advanced levels.

English Premium and Global offers you to learn in a pleasant and effective way focusing on oral and active communication while consolidating your grammar for better results, something which is unmatched with by any other school.

With a new approach to learning English,you’ll not only register an improvement in your written and spoken English but also in listening skills because we value self confidence in delivering a performance in English. We’ll help you overcome the communication barrier !

It’s a worthwhile investment whether you are a business school student, a company employee or a business owner as we have helped countless business professionals and individuals cross cultural boundaries to communicate more effectively.

For English Premium and Global,your success is our passion !


Your Trainer

All teachers are native- fluent speakers with qualifications and many year's experience in corporate and academic training.

Before you start your training, you’ll be given a test to assess your starting level so you are placed in the right group class for an acurate and fast learning path.

We also offer you the greatest flexibility and personalization to meet your goals and schedule, with the instructor’s undivided attention so you’ll progress at your own pace and receive immediate feedback from the instructor.

Most importantly, we teach a language in a natural, fun and colloquial way and we provide useful tips to apply the knowledge acquired in real-life situations.

« That’s not possible » is not our phrase as there’s always a solution. We offer optimal support.

We are located at the heart of Phnom Penh with easy access and a very friendly environment.

Our Services

English Premium and Global offers you a format that’s most convenient for you, a comprehensive range of products and services for language instruction and global leadership development.

Face to face lessons

offers a very personalized learning experience

Intensive week training

Preparation for exams


Job Interviews

Group classes

offers the benefit of shared learning experience with other students at your skill level at a lower cost. The focus being live dialog and practical content

Accelerated private program for fast results

Total Immersion which teaches you to communicate in most business and social settings in as little as one to three weeks



English Premium and Global offers you a free entry test !

We recommend a 1 and a half hour class each week for better results.
In fact, on average, employees increase their productivity just by 1.30 hours of English training a week.


Premium $400/month

  • Face to face classes
  • with a private teacher
  • Best way to
  • improve your skills

Basic $100/month

  • Group classes
  • up to 10 people
  • Have fun and learn English
  • with others


  • Special rates applied
  • Call
  • English Premium & Global
  • for more information